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    Ignore the noise.

    No compromise, no harmony.

    Stick to your beliefs.

    EKROW Wheels exquisite design and unmatched quality will give the ultimate satisfaction to the chosen one.


     WXW C1M Product Introduction

    Ultimate of Art


    Breathtaking Beauty.

    A combination of a deep rim and timeless mesh center design with central-unit creates an extreme 3D effect and boasts the ultimate perfection.




    Central-unit with an extreme 3D effect.

    2 different central-units achieve a hard fitment.




    Central-unit depth varies depending on the disk type.
    Left: 18inch R disk( Deep)
    Right: 18inch A disk( Shallow)





    The design part intended by reflecting the modeling of the outer circumference of the disk on the rim.
    The EKROW WXW C1M has a sophisticated mesh design with three-dimensional gear shaped design
    on the outer part of the center disk to further emphasize the 3D effect. The real 3 piece experience!
    Furthermore, the reflection on the rim emphasizes the premium features that are the symbol of the 3P wheel.



    High-end 3 Piece Construction.

    Assembled with all Japanese-made high quality elements, it brings a sense of luxury and superiority.




    Sophisticated Color Options.

    Standard Color Finish: Sprint Gold (SGLP), Mat Silver 2 (MMSP)
    *12 optional color finishes (Refer to the following.)

    *Option Color Disclaimer
    The Central-Unit-Ring is not available when you select one of the following Option Colors.